3-Steps for Transitioning to HyFlex - Start Anytime!

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3-Steps for Transitioning to HyFlex is now offered as self-paced asynchronous instruction.  Rolling admission dates: Start when you want and you have up to six (6) weeks to complete the workshop from the start date.

HyFlex is the newest buzzword in education. However, it is not a fad. 

HyFlex design and delivery permit continuity of course delivery when life happens for learners and teachers. Discover the difference between HyFlex course design and the blended or the flipped classroom while crafting your own HyFlex lesson. Intentionally designed HyFlex courses are engaging and successful learning experiences. While the HLC’s foundational course, “HyFlex Course Design” is a high-level overview of HyFlex, this workshop drills down to the lesson level – the structure and flow of a HyFlex lesson. Start now transitioning your class for HyFlex course redesign one lesson at a time in advance of your next academic semester.


Faculty creating their own HyFlex courses, instructional designers assisting faculty with HyFlex course design, and professional development staff will learn how to change a lesson from one delivery mode to another. Templates guide the learning activities.

About the workshop

During this project-based workshop, you will experience the challenges of designing for multiple delivery modes offered simultaneously. You will use the following steps to create a bimodal, lesson:

  • Document
  • Review (& Revise)
  • Complete (& Extend)


In addition to the three foundational projects, there are three optional activities to facilitate lesson planning, interaction, and engagement. Numerous just-in-time readings on course design topics are included in the workshop to help you develop your lesson.


In this workshop, you will:

  • Populate a lesson planning template with the current activities of one lesson for one delivery mode
  • Use a rubric to review and revise the current lesson plan activities
  • Populate the lesson planning template for a different delivery mode


Individual registrations: $125 per person, two or more registrations from a single institution purchased in a single order: $95 each. Enter code: 3STEPS95 for the discount.

After purchasing an enrollment in this workshop, you will receive instructions on accessing the workshop site through email.